Fueling The Future

August 12, 2018 oryxpiping No Comments

At Bolar Trading & Contracting (BTC), we believe investing in developing skilled generation is the fuel to the sustained future growth of any nation.

That’s why we at  BTC never miss an opportunity  to impart knowledge especially to university students whenever  presented with an opportunity

So when  BTC received an invitation for a  deliver  presentation on ‘ Pneumatic Waste Collection (PWC) implementation ‘ to the interns in the presence of consultants , We were only glad to oblige as it was line with our vision.

Below our PWC Dept. head Mr. Danish delivering the presentation on Pneumatic Waste Collection System (PWC) Project Implementation in the presence of Marafiq to the student of Qatar University at Lusail Qatar.

To request for such presentation email us at [email protected]

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