Leak Detection Systems

Why use Leak Detection Systems

Leak Detection Systems helps to detect early indication of damaging moisture inside the pipe insulation. Our LDS equipment’s also pin point where the moisture is exactly located in the distribution pipe grid hence preventing catastrophic damage too the entire piping network.
Corroding pipes cause colossal budget drains in repairs every year in burst pipelines thus early detection of high moisture levels and corrosion is necessary to prevent losses.

Oryx Piping Associates is the exclusive distributor in the GCC for Swedish Leak detection solutions company Wideco. Wideco advanced technology for detection of leaks in the pipeline systems has been extensively used in District cooling & heating industry as well as data centres in Europe & the Middle East. Wideco is the leading choice of all the pre insulation factories in the region that are catering to the district energy industry!

Water Pipelines

District Heating

District Cooling

Advantages of Wideco Leak Detection System

  • Early detection of harmful moisture in the insulation minimises risk.
    Wideco ensures strict Quality control during installation and provides comprehensive warranty period
  • It provides Automatic real time monitoring of pipes, ducts, tunnels and chambers
  • Finding and rectifying faults at short or early notices.
  • Cost effective – better use of resources, personnel etc. compared to manual measurements and checks
  • Comprehensive Documentation – analyses, comparison of data, daily planning, reinvestment strategy

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