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Choose the Pre-Insulated Valves and Pipes

Find the bespoke Pre-Insulated Valves for quarter heating systems and offers strong control over heat channels. This valve is used to close the whole networks or to cut off individual boulevards or properties, as well as make networks maintenance and extension quite simple and easier.

Efficient and easy to use

The pre-insulated valves offers zonal control and can be synthesis welded straight to the major network. This enables operators to control and service PB networks properly and efficiently.

The valve modernization comprises a main-operated steel ball valve within a polyethylene casing, protected by PUR foam, and includes PB tails for an entirely welded association to a Polybutene pipe network.

The valves can be particular for single or double pipe applications and come in different cavity sizes to put up depth dissimilarity, as it offers the greatest flexibility in network or zonal control. Pre-Insulated Valves Every chamber offers easy access to the valve and comprises a lockable cover as an option.

Major Benefits of Gips Pre-Insulated Pipes

High performance in any conditions:

This shows efficiency and flexibility of Pre-Insulated Pipe makes it the most efficient system available for relocating fluids and gases, where the keeping of high temperature loss or gain to a least amount is necessary.

For the best performance for applications:

  • Aboveground,
  • Underground or
  • Under water.

Thorough Benefits our Pre-Insulted Pipes

Extensive Temperature Tolerance Range: -45 to +120 Degrees C,

Spiralduct Spiral Casing – long life and strength, vapour covered, protected against deterioration and damage,

Poly Spacer brackets created by GipsPipes,

Pipes completely packed with Polyurethane closed cell firm froth,

Vapour preserved for double guard against humidity,

Outer surface supporting brackets on outside of casing – no cold tracking,

Nonstop quality control,

Fast turn-around time – 7 to 10 working days,

All Kits provided comprise bends, T’s, Cones, Joiners and Valves – provide only or built-in.

Highly offer tradesmen.